Mustafa Kenj – English Speaking Club B2/C1

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Speaking Club for Upper-intermediate
Advanced Students

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Take your Englısh communıcatıon skılls to the next level

By joining this club;

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Enrich your vocabulary and grammar usage Refine your pronunciation and intonation.

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Boost your confidence and eloquence

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Learn the advanced phrases and expressions for various topics and situations

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Get feedback and support from our skilled instructors


Get ready to achieve your personal and professional goals


Participate in stimulating and challenging activities

Our instructors of the club are native speakers of English, who can help you understand the nuances and subtleties of the language.

They have a lot of experience in teaching English to learners from different backgrounds and levels.
They know how to make the lessons enjoyable and effective.

Speaking club is not only a great way to enhance your English skills, but also a valuable opportunity to expand your network and opportunities. Nowadays, many employers and clients are looking for candidates who can communicate excellently in English and work with people from different cultures. By joining our speaking club, you will develop the skills and confidence that will make you shine in the global market.

Don’t miss this chance to reach your full potential in English. Sign up today and join our speaking club!

mustafa kenj
Educator / Englısh Teacher

Mustafa Kenj


From former speaking club members

You are one of the most entertaining teachers I know, I am very pleased to meet you. I hope you achieve your dreams.

İsmail ÖZER

Speaking Club Member
Sir, you are the most cheerful teacher I know, you love your job, your life energy is very good. I have improved my English a lot thanks to you. My course is over but I follow you on Instagram 🙂

Aybüke Güven

Speaking Club Member